Aleksej Nikolajevich Kosigin

Soviet Government Official, Premier of the Soviet Union
Born: 21 February 1904 in St. Petersburg. He joined the Communist Party in 1927 and gradually worked his way up the Leningrad Party apparatus. He spent most of his time in various positions for economic planning. He succeeded, N. Khrushchev as Premier of the Soviet Union, a post he held from October 1964 until October 1980. While this made him legally the ruler of the country, unlike his predecessor, he was not also the First Secretary of the Communist Party. This, more powerful position was held by Leonid Brezhnev (who outlived Kosygin by several years). He used the house both as an official residence when traveling in the area and repeatedly as a vacation house. Alexey Kosygin died on 18 December, 1980 in Moscow.