Alexander Vasilyevich Korzhakov

Born: 31 January, 1950, in Moscow. Alexander Korzhakov started out as a common factory worker. At age 19 as a draftee, he served as a Private in the Kremlin Regiment, which was subordinate to the KGB and not the Soviet Army. From there he joined the KGB and served in the 9th Chief Directorate, " Protection of Higher Party and Government Officials"; he also progressed in rank, ultimately becoming a KGB General. From 1981-1982 he served in Afghanistan and from 1983- 1984 was one of (Soviet Premier)Yuri Andropov's personal bodyguards. In 1985 he was assigned as one of Boris Yeltsin's bodyguards and they struck up a friendship. They remained friends after Yeltsin lost his high Party position, which ultimately resulted in Korzhakov being forceably retired from the KGB. He then became Yeltsin's private bodyguard and after what may have been an attempt on Yeltsin's life (on 28 September, 1989, Boris Yeltsin fell off of a bridge) he created Yeltsin's Security Service. His face became familiar to the world on 18 August, 1991, when he stood next to Yeltsin on the tank in one of the famous moments of opposition to the August Putsch attempt.
A week later, when Yeltsin came to Latvia and stayed at the house, Korzhakov was with him.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, when Yeltsin became the President of the now independent Russian Federation, Alexander Korzhakov transformed Yeltsin's security force into an official organization and became the commander of the Russian Presidential Security Service. From this position of power he was frequently accused of getting involved in political matters which eventually led to his falling out with Yeltsin and getting sacked from his post on 20 June, 1996.
He then quickly got himself elected as a Deputy to the Russian Duma (from Tula) which among other things gave him immunity from prosecution. And he wrote a book: " Boris Yeltsin: From Dawn to Dusk" , in which, with pride, he completely confirmed his (and the Presidential Security Service) involvement in various political power struggles as well as demonstrated a complete contempt for " democracy" .