Augusts Voss

All-Soviet and Latvian Communist Party Official
Born: 30 October, 1916, in Saltikovo, Toboljsk Region, Russia. A Red Army veteran of WW II, he joined the Soviet Communist Party in1942 and graduated from the Communist Party Senior Training School in 1948. He sent for Party work in the Latvian Communist Party in 1945 and worked up through the ranks until from 1966 until 1984 he was the Latvian Communist Party First Secretary. This was the period during which he was given the house as his residence. An avid film buff, he had a complete movie theater built into the basement of the house. From 1971 until 1990 he was also a member of the Soviet Communist Party Central Committee. From 1984 until 1989 he was the Chairman of the Nationalities Committee of the USSR State Council (following in Vilis Lacis footsteps). After the collapse of the Soviet Union some thought was given by the new Latvian Government to the idea of charging him with crimes against humanity and attempting to extradite him, but nothing came of it before he died on 10 February 1994, in Moscow.