Boris Pugo

Communist Party Official, Interior Minister of the USSR
Born: February 19, 1937 in Kalinin, USSR (now Tver, Russia). His family were Latvian communists who had left the country when the Communist faction ended up on the losing side of the Latvian War of Independence (1918-1920). They returned to Latvia after Soviet Union occupied and annexed it in 1940.
Boriss Pugo graduated from Riga Polytechnical University in 1960 but immediately went to work in various Komsomol (Communist Youth Organization), Communist Party and Soviet government positions and eventually was appointed the "Interior Minister" and also the chairman of KGB of the Latvian SSR. On 14 April, 1984 Boriss Pugo took over the position of first secretary of the Communist Party of the Latvian SSR from Augusts Voss and held that position until October 4, 1988. Unlike Voss, he did not actually live in the house however, but he frequently conducted business there. Between 1990 and 1991, he was the Minister of the Interior Affairs of the USSR. He is considered one of the primary plotters of the Kremlin Putsch in the August 1991. He died in Moscow.
Officially, he is said to have died by shooting himself in the head on 23 August, 1991, when it had become clear that the Putsch had failed. His wife was also shot dead. Some sources cast doubt on this version however, claiming that his pistol was found neatly placed on a chest of drawers by his bed.