Giovanni Leone

Born: 3 November, 1908, in Pomigliano d'Arco, near Naples, Italy. Giovanni Leone received a law degree in 1929. Before the Second World War, he worked as a lawyer and during the war as a legal officer in the Italian Army. With the return of multi-party politics in Italy after the fall of Benito Mussolini, he became involved in politics and was one of the founders of the Naples branch of the Italian Christian Democratic Party. He was elected to the Italian Constiuent Assembly in 1946 and to the Chamber of Deputies in 1948. He became the Prime Minister of Itally twice, first from June to November 1963 and again from June to November 1968. He was also named a Life Senator in 1968. In 1971 he was elected the President of Italy.
And there is a story... In November 1975, President Leone made an official State visit to the USSR. On the 22 of November, flying from Moscow to Leningrad (St. Petersburg) a blizzard forced the aircraft to divert and land in Riga. There the Soviet Security personnel (KGB) accompanying the party placed everyone on a bus and sent them to Jurmala to wait out the storm. As the only house in Jurmala at the time that the Soviet government deemed suitable for a President was the Benjamin house, presumably that is where the Italian delegation spent the next 8 hours before being returned to the airport and heading on to Leningrad.
But, as Italy did not recognize the forceable incorporation of the Baltic Countries into the Soviet Union, diplomatic protocol demanded that someone with a position like the Presdient of Italy not visit the occupied Baltic States. As a result no offical statements, confirmation of this " visit" or mention of it in the Soviet Press was ever made. However rumors of the " Top Secret" Cold War incident did leak out in Italy.
Giovanni Leoni served as Presdient until 1968 when he forced to resign as a result of what is called the "Lockheed Bribery Scandal" (which involved the choice of the C-130 transport plane for the Italian Air Force).
Giovanni Leoni passed away in Rome on 9 November, 2001 just after his 93rd birthday.