Gunārs Meierovics

Born, 12 May, 1920 in Riga. Gunars Meierovics was the son of Zigfrid Meierovics, the first Foreign Minister of the newly proclaimed Republic of Latvia. His father was killed in an automobile accident while he was still an infant. In 1939 he graduated from the French Lyceum in Riga and went on to the University of Latvia studying economics and engineering.  After the Second World War he was a refugee in the western occupation zone of Germany and ultimately immigrated to the USA. There, until retirement, he worked for the US Department of Defense. At the same time from the very beginning in the US he was active in the Latvian and other Baltic people's attempts to preserve their national identity and work to ultimately end the Soviet occupation of the Baltic countries.
After returning to Latvia immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union he gained a seat in the first elected Latvian parliament since the Soviet Russian Occupation began in the 1940, as a representative of the "Latvian Way" party and was put forward as a serious contender for the renewed presidency. (Guntis Ulmanis won that position however). Gunars Meierovics continued to be active in Latvian politics almost until his death which occurred after a lingering illness on the night of 10-11 February, 2007 in Riga.