Karina Petersone

Born: 19 September, 1954 in Riga, Latvia. Karina Petersone studied foreign languages at the University of Latvia and then worked as a language teacher first at the Riga Polytechnical Institute and then at the University of Latvia. In 1991 she became an assistant (and translator) to Mr. Gorbunovs, the Head of the Latvian State at the time. This opened a political career and she went on to become a member of the Riga City Council and then repeatedly, a Deputy in the Latvian National Parliament. From 1998 to 2000 she was the Latvian Minister of Culture and in 2006 the Special Assignments Minister for Social Integration Affairs. She is associated with the "Latvian Way" party and its successors. Karina Petersone is married and has three children. She was at the house many times during the period when it was used for meetings by the Baltic Council (1991 – 1992) and more recently has been a guest of the family.