Emilija Benjamin House in Jurmala

Presidential Residence and Guest House of the USSR

All original 1938 Art Deco Waterfront Residence

The Benjamin House was built in 1938 by the German architect (Innenarchitekt) Lange under a commission by Emilija Benjamin to develop a unique concept and build the most modern house on the Baltic coast. He created an architectural Masterpiece, in which he used the concept of natural light within a neoclassical and modernistic frame to create a piece of art.

Architect Lange's vision

The house was declared a State Monument by Premier Krushchev in the 1950s and was used as a Soviet Presidential Residence and Guest House.

Seaview from the House

The Benjamin House is an extra-ordinary place, that combines 20th century history with architectural genius in a top location in front of the Baltic sea. It is the finest residence in Jurmala, one of the top villas of the Baltic region and Forbes.com describes it as "one of the priciest properties in Eastern Europe".

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